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Made to help agents with obtaining their first sales. Great for referencing throughout a sale. Use this to jumpstart your sales flow.

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If you haven’t already, first watch the 2023 Free Enrollment Platform With 5 Carriers + Sales Training.

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Understanding the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier with MBI Format

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Scope Of Apointment Resources

What is the purpose of the Scope of Appointment form?

The Scope of Appointment form is used to document an in-person appointment with
a beneficiary to ensure that no other types of products are discussed outside of what
the beneficiary originally requested.

What are the different “plan types” the beneficiary can indicate they want to discuss?

Medicare Advantage (MA), Medicare Advantage plus Rx (MAPD), and/or standalone
Part D plan (PDP)

Who does the form protect?

The form protects the beneficiary from being solicited for a product that he/she did
not originally express an interest in.

When is the form required?

The form is required when meeting in-person with a potential, new, or existing
beneficiary, or someone seeking information on behalf of a beneficiary. It is used to
carry out a marketing or sales activity.

Is the form required when the agent meets with more than one beneficiary in an in-person meeting?

Yes. In general, the nature of the meeting rather than the size of the group
determines whether the form is required. If the meeting was set up as an in-person
appointment, a scope of appointment is required. If the meeting is advertised as a
sales event open to the general public, a scope of appointment form is not required.

Can the agent ask the person (at or before the appointment) if he/she is a CMS secret shopper or representative?

No. The agent must treat all potential members as if they are Medicare

Carrier Specific SOA Information

There are two types of SOA forms- “Branded” and “Generic”:

Branded– For use when presenting that specific carrier’s product.
All of the carriers make available branded SOA forms.

Generic– For use when agents need the flexibility of presenting any number of plans based on the
prospect’s needs. For example, when the agent may be presenting multiple carriers’ MAPD/PDP

products, or could be showing DVH or Hospital Indemnity plans as well.
Some carriers provide generic forms, some do not. Look for them in broker portals &
enrollment kits.

Most carriers prefer their own company specific SOA, but will accept any generic SOA that has the
following format requirements on the scope of appointment form or captured on the recorded call:

  • Product types to be discussed
  • Date of appointment
  • Beneficiary and agent contact information
  • Statement stating, no obligation to enroll, current or future Medicare enrollment status will
    not be impacted, and automatic enrollment will not occur.

See below for specific carrier rules/instruction


CMS approved SOA forms are available on Producer World Aetna Producer World
The agent must attach a completed SOA to any paper application before submitting it to Aetna.


UHC no longer requires paper or non-LEAN SOAs to be submitted to UHC.


Paper and Digital
The branded SOA is available on the broker portal, click sign in: Humana Vantage
Agents can call the agent support line, (800) 309-3163, for additional information. Agents may also take
scopes of appointment digitally through the MAPA tool.
Telephone Option
Use IVR on a recorded line @ 1-866-945-4471. Agents can three-way call into the IVR with the member
and follow the prompts.

Cigna Medicare

Telephone Option
If by telephone call, and the member agrees to the SOA orally, it must be recorded. Documentation
includes the date of appointment, the individual’s contact information, the verbal documentation of the
individual’s agreement to the scope, the product type(s) agreed to and the agent information.
Paper SOAs are located on the broker portal, Cigna Broker Portal


SOA forms may be available on Silverscript Agent Portal
The agent must attach a completed SOA to any paper application before submitting it to SilverScript.

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